About Jared Bodine

Jared Bodine is a pretty versatile guy, and also likes to speak in the third person sometimes. I have a few different “lives.” I have my Radio Life, my Tech Life, my Real Estate Life, and my Personal Life. Each is both related and not at the same time.


Me as a young dork...
Me as a young dork…

I am the baby of 5 kids, and my siblings still insist I was (and am) spoiled. I was interested in radio, music and A/V stuff from a very young age. I was finding ways to record audio from movies onto tape so I could listen to my favorite movies on road trips. Yeah, this is before videos on mobiles, and even DVDs.

My parents got a basic home computer when I was 14 and I grew a liking to that as well. Even before it was common, I was interested in keeping a huge music library on a computer and finding a way to mix radio broadcasting with computers.

In high school I found out about a special vocation class at EVIT that teaches Radio Broadcasting. I did very well (getting an award for best student of the year) and went on to work at 550AM KFYI and DJ parties for a private company.

Early Careers

After graduating high school I served a 2 year mission for my church in Hawaii. That was a great time! I then returned to KFYI as a producer and technical director for a few shows, such as “The Barry Young Show”, Bob Mohan, Bruce Jacobs, and “Wake Up Arizona, Weekend.” I also began working at WestStar for shows like Kim Komando (I’ve worked off and on for Komando for many years). While there I did a variety of things, such as program production, post production, phone screening, technical direction and some ghost writing. Despite getting cozy, I liked Hawaii so much that I went back after my mission to go to school full time at Brigham Young University – Hawaii where I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a major in Information Systems and a minor in Computer Science.

Professional Life

Immediately out of college I was hired to work in Guam for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as an IT guy for all of their Micronesia area. The list of things I did there is quite wide and unique (more info on my Resume page). I enjoyed that work, but quit for an opportunity to improve my management skills as General Manager at a locally owned business technology service company called AllStar Quality Business Systems. After 4 years and a 300% increase in revenue for the company, I felt I had done all and more that I had set out to do and left to explore other interests.

While in Guam, I became interested in Real Estate. I started an Arizona based Real Estate investing company called Bodine Enterprises. I have a number of properties and am always looking to expand. I also received my Real Estate license and became a REALTOR©.

I also currently own and operate a smart home and IT services company called Bodine Tech. We consult, sell and setup smart homes as well as service all things IT in your home.

Personal Life

I now live in Mesa with my beautiful, supportive and patient wife. We have 2 kids, a boy and girl, that are both the cutest things and also a major handful. For fun I like to make the world’s best videos. Most are of my travels, which is something else I like to do; travel. I enjoy listening to music and (I know, so old school) making cool playlists. I also love watching movies in my custom built movie room. I make a new movie room in every house I live in – total prerequisite for feeling like I’m home.

Thanks for learning more about me and who I am. Now that we know each other, I’m sure we can work together in one of my areas of specialty. Cheers!