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CES 2016 Product Spotlight: Ricoh Theda 360 Degree Camera…

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CES 2016 Product Spotlight: Ricoh Theda 360 Degree Camera

Ricoh Theta
Ricoh Theta


This tiny wonder does what so many clunky other products attempt to do, capture high quality 360 degree photos in a simple way. For only $350 anyone can start making 1080p video and 14MP stills with no technological know-how. The images can be viewed back on any smartphone with free apps, on computers, and even uploaded to social media, like Facebook, will support the images.

Those wanting to use VR headsets will enjoy the content even more. And I know many Realtors who would love to get these into each listing they have. At first look, this may seem like a toy, but practical applications and even just plain fun uses, will continue to be found as this technology becomes more easily adopted by the masses. http://theta360.com

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