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CES 2016: The “Smart” of Everything…

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The “Smart” of Everything at CES 2016…

Smart phones and smart TVs have become the norm. What is the next thing to become “smart?” Today on JaredBodine.com we look at the bevvy of “smart” products showcased at CES 2016.

I’ve already told you about the smart shoes, why not bundle that with smart socks. Sensoria offers smart socks, smart running shirts and even a smart bra.

For formal occasions, wear the smart belt, which will measure the tension on your waist and tell you when you’ve over eaten.Comlete the look with this smart ring which you can use to answer calls on your smart phone.

The smart Button isn’t worn, but rather placed anywhere you want, allowing you to execute special pre-programed functions through your smartphone.

For the techie on the go there is the smart suitcase, Bluesoft, featuring a USB charger, built in scale and location tracking.

Lowes is selling a complete smart home solution called Iris. A smart thermostat and smart garage door is the just the beginning. Water sensors can detect leaks and cut off the water supply, a smart oven can activate smart air vents.

After you grow fresh veg in your smart garden, cook them on Pannasonic’s smart stovetop, eat them with this smart fork to count your calories and monitor eating habits. Wash it down using this smart cup which measures water volume and temprature. When you are done, put your leftovers in Harier’s smart fridge.

If your kid is not feeling well, take her temrature with this smart thermostat and give her plenty of rest on this smart pillow, complete with bluetooth speakers and vibrating wakeup alarm. Maybe letting her play with this smart rubber duckie will help her feel better.

At the rate we are going, the only thing left in my house that won’t be smart is me…

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