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CES 2017 Entertainment Tech…

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CES 2017 Entertainment Tech

CES 2017 Entertainment Tech

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Entertainment geeks like me love testing out the cool audio/video equipment available at CES. From headphones you wear when you sleep to stunning images to wake up your senses.

Hovering speakers seem to be a recurring theme this year.

And if you want to keep the sound to yourself, headphones keep sounding better.

Walls of TVs are always expected, and the units themselves keep getting thinner and higher quality.

No major breakthrough for TVs this year, but we have reached the point where our TV specs are beyond our access to content of that quality.

That’s your look at CES 2017 Entertainment tech from JaredBodine.com – The Tech You Need to Know.

CES 2017 Entertainment
CES 2017 Entertainment

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