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Google Wifi Unboxing, Setup and Review

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Google Wifi Unboxing, Setup and Review

Today Google finally released to the world Google Wifi. In this video I share with you a Google Wifi unboxing, setup and review.

I have more to say about Google Wifi…

I assume it goes without saying (and so I didn’t really say it) that this mesh system allows for great whole-home coverage. Probably should have added that to the list of Pros… 🙂

Here’s a more detailed list of my Pros and Cons:


  • Easy Setup
  • Handles many devices
  • Whole-home coverage
  • Simple maintenance via app


  • Limited setup options and features
  • Limited LAN connections for hard wired devices
  • Can only be controlled via Android or iOS apps
  • Requires active internet to manage network

The price of $129 for one and $299 for three does not make it cheap, but within range of the competitors like Luma and Eero.  Google lets you know that all three is not really needed for many homes. This is what they recommend for various sizes:

Google Wifi Unboxing - range
Google Wifi Unboxing – Range

Seeing as how you can’t buy a 2-pack, I’d say pay the extra $40 to get a three pack instead of two 1-packs. Better to have more coverage than less.

That’s about all I wanted to add that I didn’t say in my Google Wifi Unboxing, Setup and Review video.

As always, I’m happy to answer questions or give tech advice. Feel free to chat me up.

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