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Smart Garage Door Controller, MyQ, Unboxing, Install and Review…

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Smart Garage Door Controller, MyQ, Unboxing, Install and Review…

In today’s review, we look at the popular smart garage door controller by Chamberlain, the MyQ Smart garage door controller. MSRP is $129.

In the above video, I didn’t go into too much detail on how I like product after install, because I had just installed it. The unit seems to be quite reliable. I wish the app let me do more than get an email when an event is triggered (like open for too long, or opened after hours). But I used my IFTTT account to create a rule where I get a phone call when an email from my garage comes in.

One odd issue I had was that when my car was in my garage, the signal to shut the door didn’t always get received. I found a¬†solution online where rotating the unit¬†on the mount 108deg would work, and it did. Never had an issue since. The use is straight forward and simple, yet very handy when needed.

To answer a question I’ve had from a few people, yes, the controller can do more than one door. If you have a 2 door garage, you need to add a second sensor to the second door, but the one unit can control both if you mount it right.

If you have further questions or would like to know more about the MyQ smart garage door controller, please feel free to ask.

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