The Best Safe Bluetooth Headphones Available?

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Trekz Titanium… The Best Safe Bluetooth Headphones Available?


I may have just found the best safe Bluetooth headphones ever. I mentioned on my blog that my wife can tell you I may have something of a headphone addiction. I’m constantly looking for that better fit, sound, functionality or… er, je ne sais quoi.

Trekz Titanium
Trekz Titanium the best safe headphones

I’ve had a few Bose ear buds of late, as well as Skull Candy, Beats, iLuv, Monster, Sol Republic, LG Tone, JayBird BlueBuds X, Plantronics Backbeat, and so the list goes.

With each type of headphone you have pros and cons.

The problem I’ve had with headphones in the past is that there’s always more compromises than anything.

  • On and over ear headphones are hot and sweaty after prolonged use, and are bulky for travel.
  • In ear phones  are difficult to find a good fit and cause wear fatigue after prolonged use.
  • Corded headphones get tangled and in the way when doing any movement.
  • Bluetooth requires frequent recharging and may suffer from low sound fidelity.

What I like about these is that they are neither on/over ear nor in ear. They rest in front of your ear, and use bone induction to power the sound to your inner ear. This keeps your ears out of the equation all together.

What makes these the best safe headphones?

So, they may be comfortable and good sounding (more on the sound below), but how does that make them safe. I believe these are the best safe headphones primarily for these two reasons.

Best Safe Bluetooth Headphones leave your ears open
The Best Safe Bluetooth Headphones leave your ears open
  1. Bone Conduction reduces the risk of ear drum damage from excessive volume.
  2. By not covering or even using your ear canals, outside sounds you need, like horns honking or verbal warnings from others, will be easily heard.

What is Bone Conduction?

Bone conduction make make those unfamiliar with the technology a bit concerned. It won’t hurt your bones or even been noticeable physically. Micro-vibrations from the contacts (in front of your ears, above your jaw bone joints) will travel from your outside to your inner ear in a natural way. There’s no electronic pulse or anything like that.

Best Safe Bluetooth Headphones Technology
Best Safe Bluetooth Headphones Technology

Bone conduction is not super new, but more refined here. In fact, I’ve been using bone conduction for years. If you’ve ever used a Jawbone brand Bluetooth handsfree headset for your phone, than you have too. They used the bone conduction to get the sound from your jaw to the listener. The Trek Titanium use the same technology, but to send the sound to you.

And the coolest thing I learned about these is that they work on people who have certain types of deafness. Why? If the problem is in your ear drum, but your cochlea is fine, which is more common than you’d think, then you can hear this as if you had no hearing issues at all. It’s a revelation for the deaf community whom I’ve seen comment on it.

Will the sound be any good?

In a word, yes. This is not the first generation ever made by the company. But these are the newest. There are some great new tweaks that AfterShokz (the maker) has put into these.

Best Safe Bluetooth Headphones Sound Quality
Best Safe Bluetooth Headphones Sound Quality

How durable are these?

Not being in the public sphere yet, it’s hard to say with any real world experience. However, I am fairly confident from what I know of them and their predecessors that these should last well.

Durable and safe Bluetooth headphones
Durable and safe Bluetooth headphones

To start, being made of titanium (it’s not just a name) makes them very strong and resilient to accidental damage. Also, these have earned IP55 certified status. What does that mean? It means dust won’t get in there through natural use and water being sprayed at it from all angles won’t penetrate it. You can’t swim or shower in them, but sweat or even a good rain won’t have any effect. That’s good enough for anything I’d ever need.

The Bottom Line…and how to get them.

The best endorsement I can give these is that…well… I bought them already! Yes, I can’t wait! Unless you absolutely want to block out outside sound, I can’t think of a single reason why you’d not want these. I read a comment online from a guy who works construction and uses an older version of these while JACKHAMMERING! He uses the standard earplugs and this still cuts through thanks to bone conduction. Too cool!

These are now available to the public. However, I have an exclusive link for you to get in on the fun for 10% off and free shipping! Use promo code SHOP10 at checkout.

If you don’t get in on this limited offer than you’ll wish you had.

Check them out now before it’s too late!


Get the best safe Bluetooth headphones now
Get the best safe Bluetooth headphones now


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