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45 Second Review of Roku 2015 Lineup

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Here’s your 45 second review of Roku 2015 lineup.

With more people cutting the cable cord, media streaming devices are becoming increasingly popular.

There are a bevy of devices from Apple and Amazon to Google and even Western Digital.

For the buck, I believe the best bang comes from Roku. But just narrowing down your choices to brand isn’t enough any more. Roku has a staggering 5 versions available right now.

In today’s 45 second review on JaredBodine.com, I’ll be giving you a rundown of the different models to help you decide which is right for you.

45 Second Review of Roku 2015 - Stick
Roku Stick – $49

The entry level device is the Roku Stick at $49. This tiny wonder plugs directly into your TV’s HDMI port but extra power is still required. The included remote will get the job done, but lacks the signature headphone jack and voice search of higher models.


45 Second Review of Roku 2015 - Roku 1
Roku 1’s ports ($49)

The Roku 1, for the same price, is the only model to feature old-school connections – you know; the yellow, red and white RCA plugs. It’s got the weakest hardware and no memory card ports, but if you still have a box TV, that probably isn’t an issue for you.


The $69 Roku 2 has better specs under the hood but it’s included remote is basic, also missing headphones and voice search.

45 Second Review of Roku 2015 - Roku 2
Roku 2 – $69
45 Second Review of Roku 2015 - Roku 3
Roku 3 – $99

The $99 Roku 3 is  identical to the 2 in terms of specs, but sports the upgraded remote.


The newest and most expensive choice is the $129 Roku 4, which features 4K video and a nifty remote finder button.

45 Second Review of Roku 2015 - Roku 4
Roku 4 – $129

Whew! So, which one to get? If you are an avid road warrior, the Roku Stick is portable and adequate.

Only get the Roku 1 if your TV lacks HDMI. Unless you have a 4K TV and can find plenty of 4K content, skip this one for now.

Only get the Roku 3 if the added remote features are must-haves for you. For most users I recommend the Roku 2 which has premium components and high def video at a reasonable price. I have a universal remote so I don’t care about the included remote.

So, for most everybody, the Roku 2; good choice for you.

This has been your 45 second review of 2015 Roku lineup on JaredBodine.com, the Tech you need to know.

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