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Amazon Echo Dot 2 Review and Unboxing…

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Amazon Echo Dot 2 Review and Unboxing


Thank you for viewing my Amazon Echo Dot 2 Review and Unboxing video. Today Amazon released the latest version (2nd Generation) of the Echo Dot. The Echo line of products are hardware that interact with Alexa, the digital voice assistant from Amazon similar to Siri. Alexa has a slight edge as she works with a wider ecosystem of products than Apple.

The new Dot is similar to the old one in many ways, but the top no longer has a rotating ring for volume control, instead opting for + and – buttons on the top, along with a microphone mute and trigger button (if you don’t want to use a trigger word to get her listening).

The Echo Dot heavily pushes the idea of connecting to external speakers via the 3.5mm headphone jack or via Bluetooth, but it does have its own internal speaker. It works fine for getting answers to questions and giving you feedback, but won’t satisfy any audiophiles for rich deep sound.

Aside from the sound quality, the Echo Dot can do anything the Echo can in a much smaller space and for much less money ($49.99 vs $179.99). Both feature the far-field microphone array for a superb ability to hear you around the house. I often will tell my Echo to turn on a ceiling fan or start my Xbox from other rooms in the house.

The new Dot comes in black and white. Seeing as how the white model still has a black top, it’s a mix-match design that does not look very great. I recommend the black. The black has a mate finish on the top and a glossy black on the sides, but thankfully, not a fingerprint magnet. The bottom has a rubber pad to prevent slippage.

Unless you need the extra volume and sound depth of the full size Echo or the portability of the battery powered Echo Tap, I would say the affordable Echo Dot is the right choice for you.

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