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Apple 2016 Press Event – 45 Second Review

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45 Second Review of the Apple 2016 Press Event from September 7

Welcome to JaredBodine.com, the tech you need to know. We just had the Apple 2016 press event where Apple unveils their latest version of the iPhone as well as whatever else they’ve been working on lately. Rather than have you sit through the 2 hour Apple 2016 press event, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about it in a mere 45 seconds. Here we go…

Apple 2016 Press Event - iPhone 7
Apple 2016 Press Event – iPhone 7
  • After an opening sketch that reminded me of the MTV Music Awards, Tim Cook got thing rolling.
  • iWork is getting a “revolutionary” feature, real-time collaboration. They’ve almost caught up to Office 365 and Google Docs… Almost…

    Apple 2016 Press Event - WatchS2
    Apple 2016 Press Event – Watch Series 2
  • WatchOS 3 info was repeated before  the announcement of Series 2. It’s finally water proof, with GPS and should operate faster. It also enables Pokemon Go addicts.
  • After again regurgitating iOS 10 debuted in June, we learned the iPhone 7 will have a new processor, stabilized cameras (dual on the 7 Plus for zooming) and a pressure sensitive home button. And it’s finally IP67 waterproof.
  • Waterproofing means no more headphone jack, so the Lightning port is now used for wired headphones.

    Apple 2016 Press Event - AirPods
    Apple 2016 Press Event – AirPods
  • To make another accessory sale, Apple is releasing AirPods, stereo wireless earbuds – a potentially great product. Expect 5 hours of battery life.
  • The event was capped off with a Sia performance, again making this feel like an odd MTV Music Awards.

However, Unlike an MTV Music Awards, this event ended on time, albeit awkwardly….

Thank you for coming to JaredBodine.com to learn about the Apple 2016 press event.

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