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CES 2017 Car Tech…

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CES 2017 Car Tech

CES 2017 Car Tech

CES is about more than the electronics that go into your home. Car Tech is a staple every year.

As usual, there are awkward looking concept cars that we all know will never hit the streets looking like that.

But the big tech this year that will coming to a road near you is autonomous driving.

The artificial intelligence being used in the next generation of car tech is more than just a self-driving car.

Of all the cool car tech that I’m excited about, Ford is the surprising leader of the pack. Unlike the bevvy of outrageous concept cars, their technology is ready now and something real people would actually use.

Don’t let the Ford rep’s lack of enthusiasm fool you, this is actually exciting innovation.

This has been your look at the CES 2017 car tech from JaredBodine.com – The Tech You Need To Know.

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