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CES 2017 Drones…

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CES 2017 Drones…

CES 2017 drones are here and in full flight.

Welcome back to CES 2017 at JaredBodine.com – The Tech You Need To Know.

Drones and CES go together like Nerds and… well, CES. This year we have updates to the drones we are used to, and a fresh crop of unique designs.

Last year saw the largest drone, this year, we’re going small.

Portability is also key.

The most unique drone of the year has to be the under water fishing drone.

With drones going from unique to passĂ©, it won’t be long before there is at least one type of drone has value for everybody.

This has been your roundup of the best of CES 2017 drones on JaredBodine.com – The Tech You Need To Know.

CES 2017 Drones
CES 2017 Drones